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Our History PET Chip Continuous Crystallizing Dryer was put into the Chinese chemical fiber market on a large scale in1995. Complete plant of PA Polymerization,Website:http://www.dryerssp.com, Extraction and Monomer Recovery was developed in 1997. Complete plant of Polyester Polymerization Line was developed in 1998. Chip Continuous Dryer for polyester and PA composite spinning was successfully developed in 199, and applied to composite spinning chemical fiber companies. PET and PA Chip Polycondensation System(SSP) were successfully developed in 2000. The biggest PET Batch SSP Reactor(36m?)in China was manufactured in 2001. The largest capacity(1800KG/H) of Recycled Bottle Flake Continuous Dryer was exported to overseas market in 2002. 100T/D Continuous SSP System was manufactured and applied to polyester industrial yarn production line in 2003. 100, 000T/Y Continuous SSP Project for PET bottle grade chip was developed in 2003. Low-melting Chip Special Dryer was developed for low-melting spinning in 2003. 5, 000KG/H Continuous Crystallizing Dryer was developed in 2004 and applied to FDY spinning production. 150T/D PET Continuous SSP Project was developed for polyester industrial yarn production in 2005. Raw material drying for conductive fiber spinning project was developed in 2005. Complete set of 2800KG/H Raw Material Metering, Conveying and Chip Crystallizing Continuous Dryer for film project was developed in 2005. Polyester and PA Composite Chip Continuous Dryer for superfine nonwoven was developed in 2006. Biggest capacity of 4000KG/H Recycled PET Flake Continuous Dryer was successfully developed in 2007. Passed the ISO9001 international quality certificate in December 2007. Passed the ISO14001 international environment system certification in December 2007. Complete drying plant for aramid fiber was developed in 2008, and successfully applied to para aramid spinning project.
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